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Interview – Hexis (2022) (English Version)

B. talked with the Danish Hexis about their adventures on tour and about how to manage a band, which plays even three-month long tour without a pause.

CELÝ ČLÁNOK >> Interview – Hexis (2022) (English Version)
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Rozhovor – Hexis (2022)

B. sa porozprával s Dánmi Hexis o ich dobrodružstvách na turné a ako sa manažuje kapela, ktorá odohráva aj tri mesiace turné bez prestávky.

CELÝ ČLÁNOK >> Rozhovor – Hexis (2022)
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Interview – Arjan Peeks (22. 1. 2019)

Interview with one of the main figures of Holland black metal scene. Arjan Peeks is creative mind behind or is part of Uuntar, Heimdalls Wacht or Cultus and he’s also founder of great label Heidens Hart.

CELÝ ČLÁNOK >> Interview – Arjan Peeks (22. 1. 2019)
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Interview – Grift (29.1.2019)

It is our pleasure that we can bring you interview with Erik Gärdefors from phenomenal project Grift which will be releasing new album „Budet“ on…

CELÝ ČLÁNOK >> Interview – Grift (29.1.2019)